Octa is Gifting its Savers 1OK for Saving, Here’s How You Can Get Yours

Octa by Page, Octa gift savings challenge

We have something special for you.

We have gifts ready to lavish on our customers. Do you want to be one of them?

We are giving you cashback for saving. Yes! You get the chance to win back the minimum amount of money you save in March.

How to join the Octa cashback gift challenge.

Save a minimum of Ten Thousand Naira only in Octa and you could be one of the customers to get a cashback gift from us.

How to get started

1. Create a new savings goal with a minimum of N10,000. The savings can be:

a. Daily (N1,000 for 10 days)

b. Weekly (N2,500 for 4 weeks) or

c. Monthly (N10K this month) or a

d. Quicksave (10K anytime)

e. just ensure it is a minimum of N10K or more in total.

2. You can also transfer to your Octa Savings Account number (725*******) directly to participate.

If you don’t know or have your Octa 725 account number and wish to get it, kindly request for it via email customer@octa.ng or on WhatsApp 09070071220.

Hurry, winners will be annouced shortly.

Five savers will be selected (User who creates the 1st, 15th, 64th, 110th, 154th) saving goals or deposits and will be the winners.

P.S: Ensure you DO NOT withdraw during the period AND save as often as possible to stand a better chance of being selected.

Perhaps you are not interested in the challenge and just wish to save, you still enjoy a whole lot more with Octa than when you have your money staying idle somewhere.

Hurry! don’t let others beat you to the prize.

Terms and Conditions apply. Octa is a product by Page Financials.

Got questions? Reach us on any of our official channels listed below

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |customer@octa.ng OR WhatsApp (09070071220)




A savings and investment app for forward-thinkers like you.

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A savings and investment app for forward-thinkers like you.

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